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False Light: 'Now Stop'

False Light: 'Now Stop'

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False Light

By Laurie Blayney, Louisville, KY

These pieces are Laurie's response to the false light cast on the marches, protests and solidarity gatherings that she attended over the past few years.  By focusing on shock moments, Laurie believes the media cheated the viewing-at-home public from an accurate account of these events.

This is digital art.  These images are not just one photo, one scene. Laurie utilizes digital information as an art supply. Original images of crowds and individuals are meshed with images of Laurie's original paintings to reflect what she witnessed: a resilient side of humanity and an organic rise of a genuine citizenry that cannot be categorized.

'Now Stop'

36" x 36"

Hanging Hardware Included

Chroma Dye Sublimation on Aluminum

Original $4500.00

Edition 1/5 $ 1200.00

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